St. Kate's By the Numbers

St. Kate's By the Numbers

With soaring costs of higher education and increasing student debt nationwide, there’s no shortage of skepticism about whether a college degree is worth the expense. University staff are frequently asked questions about price, financial aid and post-graduation success. In this issue, we crunched the numbers and broke down the stats for St. Kate’s.

Keep in mind, though, there’s always more to the data than meets the eye. That’s why we approached Dan Thompson, senior vice president of enrollment management and athletics, to provide better understanding.

Take a look at the figures and his analysis below. Thompson’s ties to St. Kate’s, by the way, run deep: his grandmother (Eileen Welch Donahue ’26), mother (Colleen Donahue Thompson Michels ’60) and sister (Eileen Thompson Armitage ’88) are Katies!

College for Women 1,956 36% Students of Color
College for Adults 1,220 47% Parents
Graduate College 1,610 Average Age 35

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This chart reflects numbers for fall 2016. Of the 1,220 adult students, 671 are on track to earn an associate degree or a certificate, 318 are working toward a baccalaureate degree and 231 are registered nurses enrolled in our hybrid or fully online RN-to-BSN degree completion program.

St. Kate’s campus is one of the
most diverse of any in Minnesota, and we’re proud of how that shapes our community.

Graph showing percentage of what St. Kate's graduates do post-graduation.
$1,253/credit—or $40,096/year 100% receive financial aid
$348–$696/credit* Nearly 75% receive financial aid
$510–$1,131/credit* Varies by program

These are rates for 2017–18. There’s a substantial difference between "sticker price" and what students actually pay. St. Kate’s is more affordable than you think. The cost for an undergrad living on campus and taking 32 credits per year before financial aid breaks down to:

When you take into account financial aid, students end up paying less than that. On average, institutional scholarships and needbased University, federal and state grants will cover about $27,500, bringing the average amount to $22,551 for students taking 16 credits per semester and living on campus.

* varies by program

For undergraduates who begin at St. Kate’s and complete college, it’s not unusual to owe between $30,000 and $40,000. To put this into context, however, it’s important to note that student default on loans in the United States is highly concentrated among students with low balances. According to College Board, 65% of loan default is among borrowers with under $10,000 in debt, which correlates with individuals who did not finish their degree. (source:

While student debt is a real issue for our country, the fact that often gets lost is that those who complete their degree — though they often carry debt — have the credentials needed for meaningful employment and are generally enjoying a return on their investment.

“I’M OFTEN ASKED ‘what is a typical financial aid package for students?’ and my answer is: there really isn’t one. Aid depends on the student’s academic credentials and economic position.”

— Dan Thompson, senior vice president of enrollment management and athletics

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