Bikes, Coffee and More

Bikes, Coffee and More

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VENTURE NORTH bike and coffee shop is sporting a new look, inside and out, thanks to Kimberly Loken of Loken Studio and her two interns, Joy Dressel ’15 and Stephanie Olson ’15. The North Minneapolis business, which serves as a youth outreach facility for Redeemer Lutheran Church, has new wall colors and finishes, a window bar, outdoor seating, track lighting and an exterior sign.

“Our work not only involved interior design development, but research regarding appropriate design for the users of the space and maintaining code compliance with the city of Minneapolis,” says Dressel, who met Loken — also her interior design lecturer — in class. “We also became involved in soliciting donations and discounts from vendors, as well as grant writing to acquire project materials.”

The team will add design and build additional furnishings during the “Interior Design Construction and Fabrication” course this spring. On their list are outdoor planters, bike inventory display racks and a wall installation “to explain bicycle assembly to both customers and the young neighborhood mechanics-in-training,” says Loken.


Online Doctorate in Social Work is first in the nation.

Barbara Shank, dean of the School of Social Work, offers insight into the new St. Catherine University–University of St. Thomas Doctorate in Social Work. The program, primarily online, began with a full cohort of 20 students last August.

“We feel the need is great. We began developing this program in response to inquiries from our graduates and others in the social work field who are interested in pursuing a doctorate and careers in higher education.

“The expansion of bachelor’s and master’s programs in social work nationally has created a strong demand for faculty who hold doctorates. This is the nation’s first online program specifically designed for those with a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, who are either currently teaching at the bachelor’s or master’s level — or plan to do so — and who are seeking a doctorate in order to further develop the skills needed to excel as teachers and advance in their university careers.

“The nation’s doctoral programs are not graduating enough individuals to replace retiring faculty or to staff the expansion of social work programs nationwide. In addition, most universities have moved beyond the requirement of the MSW as the terminal degree for most tenure-track positions. To help fill this gap, our doctoral program focuses on teaching, scholarship, service and leadership, rather than a traditional focus on research or advanced clinical practice.”


Vatican Address

Campus ministers deliver keynote in Vatican City.

Laurie Svatek, St. Kate’s director of Campus Ministry, and Marta Pereira, campus minister for spirituality and retreats, spoke on the status of international students in North America in Vatican City last fall. The Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People hosted the three-day meeting.

“It was exciting to gather with colleagues worldwide and to learn how they respond to the needs of international students, and how the Church could collectively work toward some solutions,” says Svatek, who received the invitation as chair of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association’s executive board.

She and Pereira reviewed existing political and economic policies, as well as current pastoral care and hospitality programs aimed at international students.

“We brought forward recommendations for the Church to be involved in immigration and visa requirements, so that it can have a voice in shaping a more just and timely way of people coming to our country,” says Svatek. “Right now, international education is only accessible to families who can afford it. We see that as an injustice.”

The duo urged raising the cultural and religious competency of campus ministers and chaplains as well.

“As campus ministers, we’re serving a diverse population,” says Pereira. “Many of our international students come from countries that are not Christian. They may face culture shock and being lonely in their faith, and they need our support. The challenge is recognizing what they need. How do we offer pastoral care that goes beyond the person and who they are?”

Pereira and Svatek continue to sieve through ideas they gathered from other meeting sessions. One they hope to implement: minister to study abroad students upon return or while they’re in the foreign country.

“Being able to share our experiences with the Council and then to bring those conversations back, makes St. Kate’s a place that offers better campus ministry for all students,” says Svatek.


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