Favorite Places

Favorite Places

The Information Center at Coeur de Catherine is hopping on Popcorn Friday, when nearly 500 bags of popcorn are served between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. That’s about 18,000 bags a year, since the tradition started in 2004.

Typically, the rush happens at noon. “It’s fun to see so many regulars and to hear them say ‘thank you,’” notes Maly Vang ’16 (pictured), head popcorn maker this spring.

Brigette Marty borrowed the idea from her hometown of Monroe, Wisconsin. The student center and activities associate director explains: “Every Friday, a bank would hand out popcorn in the downtown district for free. It became a great community tradition
and a way to see people, plus it tasted great.”

— Photo by Rebecca Zenefski '10

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