June 2015

Two Post-It Notes that say Katies Let's Connect
Amy Hamlin and Emma Flood.

From our own backyard to the far reaches of the globe, St. Kate's makes connections

Rafael Cervantes and Bri Byram.

Professor Rafael Cervantes and Bri Byram ’17 collaborate to transform public speaking education for women.

Canari musicians in Minneapolis

Andean music inspires Fulbright scholar Allison Adrian to record the traditions of two Ecuadorean tribes.

social media icons and images of the 4 alums

Katies on social media: four experts share their wisdom and tips.

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Editor's Note, June 24, 2015:

An unfortunate photo error occurred in this issue of SCAN. The obituary for Professor Emerita Barbara Boyce Biales ’57 appears in the print edition with a photo of Mary Lynch Heaton ’61 instead. Her image was cropped incorrectly from a group photo featuring Heaton and Biales, along with her husband, Professor Emeritus Albert Biales. The error was not discovered until the magazine was printed and mailed. We deeply regret the error and apologize for any distress it has caused our community.