Coach Powers

Coach Powers

Colleen Powers begins her third season as head softball coach
By Julie Michener

St. Kate’s Softball Coach Colleen Powers is a bundle of energy. It’s no casual stroll walking next to her, and she talks a mile a minute about maintaining balance between coaching, teaching and training for a triathlon.

“I’ve made a habit of biting off more than I can chew,” says Powers, with a smile. “It’s all about your priorities and being strategic.”

This fall, Powers begins her third season as head softball coach and she couldn’t be more excited. She has made steady progress — last season, the team finished with a program-best overall record of 28-10 and 15-7 in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletics Conference (MIAC) and just one game out of the playoffs.

“These athletes love the game as much as I do — they are phenomenal,” she says. “They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

Powers is also a strong believer that the world needs more role models in the coaching field, especially for women.

“My coaches at the U planted that seed early,” she says. “They identified me early as someone who had the potential to be a good coach.”

Powers played right field for the University of Minnesota’s Gopher softball team and received the SeversonCoaches Award twice for demonstrating outstanding dedication to the program. She was known as a determined and enthusiastic player. Yet she remains grounded, knowing that fundamentals are more important than the scoreboard.

“It’s all about putting each game in perspective,” she says of her coaching style. “I want our players to focus on one pitch at a time, and think about what went right in every game — not just whether we won
or lost. How can we get one percent better every day?”

Perspective is also something she kept in mind for her first Ironman Triathlon in Wisconsin, this past September.

Although the training schedule for her recent triathlon was challenging, she’s tried hard to stop using the phrase, “I’m too busy.” Again, it comes back to perspective.

“Everybody has the same 24 hours that I do,” Powers says as she leaps to her feet — off to to lead prospective softball recruits on a campus tour.

Photo by Ashley de los Reyes ’15

Photo by Ashley de los Reyes ’15

Coach Powers (second from left) lends a hand on Move-In Day. She's pictured with Wildcats Sammie Galvez ’19, Anna Hinderaker ’19 and Brit Frenette ’19.


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