A Message from the President

A Message from the President

ReBecca Koenig Roloff ’76, MBA

As magic and wonder go, it is hard to imagine a more memorable day, a day more tied to the three-pronged mission of our University. 

As I looked through the first draft of this inauguration issue, all the feelings of that day rushed back and I felt it all again — my heels on the tile, Mark’s hand in mine, our children behind us, the music lifting all spirits, the smiles and nods lining the aisle, the majestic color of the Archbishop’s robes, the readings, the blessing, the procession, the flags, the stories, the drums and the singing. I thank, with all my heart, the unbelievable team who planned and orchestrated that very special day, and those who created this issue.

That day was not for me; it was for us — all of us who support the mission of St. Catherine University. It was a tribute and a call to remember the Sisters of St. Joseph, their vision and the men who were their allies. More than a century ago, they committed to taking young women seriously by giving them access to an incredible education. 

In this time in history, when some measure friendships by the number of messages on their smartphones, dismiss access to education as an elitistendeavor, or believe hope in the future is foolish, we choose to believe that educating women to lead and influence — 100 years ago or today — has never been more important.

In this upcoming holiday season, let us celebrate all that is possible when we help each other to remember that friends and family are real, that education does change lives, and a commitment to vision and hard work will ensure a future we can all only imagine.

I wish you and those you love great peace and happiness this season, and all of 2017.

Speaking to the audience at The O'Shaughnessy

Speaking to the audience at The O'Shaughnessy

Photo by Ryan Johnson '19.

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