Weather Balloon: Lab and In Flight

Weather Balloon: Lab and In Flight

Months of work takes place before the launch of our high altitude balloons, also known as weather balloons. [Place your cursor on the image and click on arrow for more photos.]

MAG: Weather Balloon

See the Katie flight crew in action: Place your cursor on the image and click on arrow.

2014-08-15: High Altitude Balloon Launch


What goes up, must come down

WATCH THIS VIDEO: St. Kate's high altitude balloon ascending into the stratosphere. The ascend takes about two hours, while the descend takes only 35 minutes, once the balloon bursts.

National meeting

St. Kate's Department of Mathematics and Physics, led by Professors Erick Agrimson and Kaye Smith, will host the 7th Annual Academic High Altitude Conference June 27 to July 1. More info:


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